Result Announcement of the 1st World Wood Day (WWD) International Songwriting and Ex Libris Competitions

08 Oct, 2021

The organizers are pleased to announce the following winners as a result of the review by the jury committees on 8 October (Wood Day in Japan). Please also check the official competition website ( for the messages from the jury and more updates on the release of the awarded works.



Grand Prize





Hirokazu Saito
"Tree Hymn"
Writer: Hirokazu Saito
Katsumi Shougaki
"The Tree of Time - Annual Ring"
Writers: Yumiko Takashima (Music) and Katsumi Shougaki (Lyrics)
Saki Morita
"Annual Rings"
Writer: Saki Morita





Grand Prize

Nanami Sasaki
"Snooze of A Cat"


Takashi Matsuda

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