Sound of Wood from Aershan

01 Nov, 2023


Aershan City is located in the northwest of Inner Mongolia, across the southwestern foothills of the Greater Khingan Mountains. It is rich in forest resources. Common woods include elm, pine, and birch. Bai Chunshan is a cadre of an enterprise in Aershan. He often uses his spare time to go into the mountains with his wife Liu Yan to look for discarded wood to make root art and small handicrafts. In 2004, by chance, Bai Chunshan found a piece of wood and used his ingenuity to make it into a "one-piece" erhu.

Over the next twenty years, after they found wood that met the angle requirements for making violins, they made them into instruments such as Erhu or Sihu. This wood is rare and they have only made eight instruments to date. These musical instruments, in which the piano stem and the piano barrel are integrated, have no splicing, no gaps, and no cracks, which reduces the damage to the tone during the propagation of sound waves, thus improving the sound quality. The sound played with it is beautiful and rich, and has been recognized by many professionals.

Currently, Bai Chunshan is rated as the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Aershan City. He has also successfully applied for a Utility Model Patent for "a stringed instrument with a rod and sound box integrated to improve timbre." After that, he and his wife will continue to search for and make one-piece musical instruments, and hope that more people can hear the sound of Aershan Linhai played by these instruments.

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