Timeline: 3/21 - 5/30

2021 Online Woodcarving Show have scheduled a series of demonstration videos recorded by carvers from different regions. The artists will showcase the works that are done under this year's theme: Wood and CO2.                           
The invited woodcarvers will have a zoom meetings in the beginning of May to dicuss their creating process and the ideas behinds the work. Please find below for invitied artists profils. The film releasing date will be updated soon.


Aslan Ozdoev

Working over 15 years, Aslan now is a professional woodcarver, at the same time an enthusiastic educator in woodcarving. By demonstrating his skill of wood burning with the string, he has devoted to helping more children or people with disabilities learn the skill and the beauty of wood. Knowing the importance of wood, Aslan never wastes any material, he uses every single piece of wood, or even the recycled material from the old house or abandoned furniture. Through workshops, Aslan teaches all his students how to use the technique and the concept of “Wood is Good”.

Oleksandr Koniaiev

Oleksandr Koniaiev graduated from the Bogorodskaya school of artistic carving on wood with honors. When he serviced in the Soviet Navy for over 20 years, he continued to be engaged in woodcarving and received the title of National Master of Ukraine in 1978. He participated in various levels of exhibitions and taught woodcarving for more than 35 years. He has made more than 3000 pieces in his career.

Zhang Hongping

Zhang Hongping, master of Fujian arts and crafts, inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in Fujian Province, is currently the art artistic director of Fujian Honglian Muyun Art Development Co., Ltd. and President of Quanzhou Woodcarving Art Research Institute. She has been engaged in wood carving for nearly 30 years, and is good at figure carving, various shape of creation, research and production of Dunhuang themes and production of religious Buddha statues. More than 30 works have won awards in Arts and crafts competitions at home and abroad.

Zhou Yang

Zhou Yang is a researcher of China Wood Carving Museum, and the first Hangzhou craftsman. He has been engaged in woodcarving for 30 years. He is fond of creating excellent themes of national and folk history, turning pieces of rotten wood into exquisite works of art. There are Su Dongpo series, Jigong series, Maitreya series and other themes, which spread the lovely and moving folk stories of the Chinese nation to all over the world.
During his career, he has been to Egypt, Paris, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for cultural exchanges. He also participated in World Wood Day woodcarving show held by International wood culture society in Nepal, US, Turkey and other on-site exchanges.

Alireza Bavandpour

Alireza Bavandpour is a famous wood artist from Kermanshah in Western Iran. He grew up exposed to arts and crafts, has nearly 30 years of experience of woodcarving. The Kermanshah province is one of the famous ancient cities in Iran, and is also known as the cradle of the ancient Silk Road. The stone and relief sculptures there have a high artistic and historical value in the world. He is not only a sculptor, but also a master of traditional embroidery techniques of Iran.



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