Tree of Hope

Timeline: 3/21~8/30

  1. Project title: Tree of Hope.
  2. Theme concept: Express the impact of the global pandemic and how it changes our lives as human beings through artistic format.
  3. Required Form and style of carving: The small carvings can be free form and the sizes can vary as long as it is hangable on a tree or tree-like structure.
  4. The carving can be relief carving or in a 3D style.
  5. We encourage the artist to document the creating process and will share it on our social media. It can be either in images or short video clips. You can also put it on your IG story and tag us @worldwoodday. Please also share your finish project and send it to us at We will collect them and showcase them on our website.
  6. Ways to mail the small carving to us is still in development, please check back for more updates later.



World Wood Day