Date: May 22-23, 2021

Program Coordinator:

Kazuaki Harada

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan in 1974. Started making automata in 2002. Trained in the workshop of a leading figure of automata production, Matt Smith, while studying contemporary crafts at Falmouth University from 2006. Founded the workshop "Nizosha" in Yamaguchi City in 2008, and has been making automata, planning automata exhibitions, and holding workshops since.


Participating Artists:

Megumi Harada

Married with Kazu Harada in 2002. Encouraged Kazu to be a self-employed-automata artist when they worked for a printing company. Meg paints on figures, takes photos and videos of automata.


Chenrui Yu

Yu Chenrui started exploring and studying automata device since 2015, now he is a full-time automata designer and creator.
Graduated from Art & Design Department in Communication University of China in 2016, Mr. Yu worked in the field of creativity and design.
With the passion for automata, woodworking, design, animation and device, he set up Yu Chenrui Studio in 2019, and devoted himself to automata art creation, research and educational promotion. Currently he is working and living in Chengdu, China.


Chi-Chun Yin

Mr. Chi-Chun Yin had been working as a Graphic Designer for 10 years in the illustration and illustrated children’s books field prior to the woodworking.  His woodworking designs still keep the childlike style and story telling characteristics in his puppets and automata, which sized from 5 centimeters to 5 meters long.


Minoru Takahashi

At the age of 22, he became obsessed with the charm of woodworking, which he started as a hobby.
At the age of 30, he learned woodworking at a traditional craft workshop that makes wooden horses. At the age of 34, he started and became independent of "Karakuri Kobo" and produced wooden toys, puzzles, and Karakuri works.
In recent years, he has been producing "Karakuri clocks" that combine computer control and wooden Karakuri.

Nozomi Ishii

I make automata with paper. The "paper automata" that you can assemble and play with are delight-full and wonder-full. I hope that the world of paper automata makes you happy.


Wanda Sowry

Wanda has been making wooden automata for over 20 years. She uses the different natural colours of various woods to make her characters and details.


Manuel Villagra Barra

I live in Santiago, Chile. I have been an artisan manufacturer of automatas since 2015, I have learned it in a self-taught way, I have also participated in numerous handmade craft fairs in Chile, I have carried out automata workshops in Chile and Argentina. I manufacture puppets and lambe-lambe theater since 2017, I have been interviewed on National television and Cable TV including CNN Chile.
* Lambe-lambe theater: (style of puppetry invented in 1989 by Brazilian puppeteers, performed inside a box for a single spectator who watches through a peephole, and listens to the accompanying music/ speech through headphones)


Dai Wanli

Born in China in 1985, studied in the Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts from 2004 to 2009, engaged in sculpture project production from 2010 to 2017, and founded the "Unexpected Design Studio" in 2018. The main project is to use wood to develop and design a variety of fun objects related to life, which can also be mass-produced and sold.


World Wood Day