Basic and Safety

Bill Prickett will be showcasing the most comprehensive information to carvers of every skills level. Have zero carving experience? Not a Problem, these Videos might just inspire you to start carving! 
Starting from setting up your carving table, then introduction of tools and sharpening, to common material selection, followed by a low-relief carving demonstration of the project “ Tree of hope”ornament. With Bill's friendly, welcoming narration and step-by-step descriptions, we hope to bring a wonderful time for our community and embody the spirit of world wood day virtually!  


Bill Prickett

Bill is an established wildlife artist (a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists) and is based in the UK. He produces both bronze and silver wildlife sculpture as well as hand carved originals. He is also recognised for his plywood sculpture, a modern and beautiful material. Bill is an active menbers of the World Wood Day commnuity, he joined the event in 17' as well as the reginoal event in China and shares his experience on his blog.

World Wood Day