Collaborative music video Mash-up

Each music group will select one well-known music piece from their country, solo musician participates by submitting videos playing music piece of other groups, at the set tempo with a wooden musical instrument of their choice. Rewards will be offered to qualified participants.
Deadline for submission: Dec. 31st, 2021.

All the sponsored bands will collaborate to produce Mash-up videos.

These videos will set examples for all public participants. WWD2021 will select five well-known music pieces from different regions. Musicians can participate by sending in a video recording showing themselves performing a part in the music with a wooden musical instrument of their choice. 

- All participants must perform the music at the set tempo.

- World Wood Day souvenirs will be given to all qualified participants.

- Only one musician in each video.

- "Preferably" all the videos should be filmed inside or beside a forest/tree/park.

*Audio can be recorded indoor or in a studio.

*Each band will provide one music score/sheet music with different instrumentations, and designate a fixed tempo for the music.

*Music provided between hired bands should not be harder than intermediate level and the tempo should not too fast.

*All the band members (all musicians) will perform up to four music pieces with instruments of their choice.


World Wood Day