WWD 2021 Collaborative Project - GeoTree in China

09 Jul, 2021


GeoTree is a Collaboration Project of World Wood Day 2021.  Under the guidance of teachers, students Wen Fangbin and Liu Mengqi from Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College in China completed the framework of GeoTree.  The material they chose was American red beech.  When making the upper part of the cube, they used the Zongjiao tenon, the triprism below is joined by Right-angle tenon, which makes the structure strong and durable.

Woodworker Guan Shilong from Beijing assisted in the final assembling of the work.  Fu Xianbin, the inheritor of Chinese Hakka root carving, painted the black and white color on the frame to indicate the tiles and walls of Hakka characteristics dwelling.  At last, they put a Hexagonal Luban Lock as a decoration of the GeoTree.  These are all Chinese traditional mortise and tenon structures, charming and beautiful by putting them together.

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