An Excerpt of Peking Opera - Climbing the Mountain, Fighting the Tiger

24 May, 2023

Recompose: Wang Jiaxun

Xylophone: Wang Shen

Suona Horn: Shi Nannan

Performance Team: WangJiaXun Percussion Group

“Climbing the Mountain, Fighting the Tiger” excerpted from the Peking Opera work "Outsmart the Tiger Mountain" was recomposed by the founder of the group, Wang Jiaxun, in 1995 and premiered at the Pontivi Festival in France in 1997.

The work combines Western melodic percussion instruments like xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, and traditional Chinese Peking Opera percussion instruments such as drums, small gongs, cymbals and large gongs.

The combination of Chinese and Western orchestration not only retains the tradition of music, but also gives it vitality, bringing more fresh and rich experience to the audience.

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