World Wood Day to Be Observed in Tanzania

27 Jan, 2013


A statement issued on Sunday by the Director of Tanzania Specialist Organization on Community Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation (TASONABI) Mr Bariki Kaale said that wood, an ecofriendly and renewable biomaterial from nature, plays a crucial role in the development of human civilization and environment.

“International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) invites everyone to share their passion for wood and to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of wood on this special day to better put the core concept of “Wood is Good” into practice in our daily lives,” said Mr Kaale who is the organizer of that global event.

This year’s theme of the World Wood Day is “A Cultural Approach to Achieve Wood is Good.” According to Mr Kaale, the 2013 World Wood Day in Tanzania will have three wood crafting events: Woodcarving Competition, International Woodcarving Show and Woodturning Show, to support the theme of the year, “A Cultural Approach to Achieve Wood is Good.”

Other fun events planned for the World Wood Day 2013 include drawing competition to local children to show their appreciation for wood with their imagination and talents, also a tour of specific wood culture spots around Tanzania.

Mr Kaale said tree planting is a must for the promotion of the World Wood Day. Outstanding artisans from Tanzania and other African countries, plus woodcarving and woodturning artists will be invited to perform and exchange their excellent skills and creativity during the World Wood Day – wood crafting activities, said Mr Kaale.

Local and international woodcarver and turners are expected to give presentations to share with judges and audiences their ideas for their creations at the end of the programme, which will be a highlight of the event. The activities of the World Wood Day are intended to encourage the public to take a closer look at wood and sustainable conservation of forests and trees in farmland.

While embracing art, enjoying the creativity and the fun to create, IWCS hopes to bring all the participants a profound experience that would lead to a daily practice to appreciate the natural beauty and the beneficient nature of wood.


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