Woodworking With Children - WWD China Corresponding Activity

22 May, 2023

Children’s event is one of the most important programs of World Wood Day celebrations and has been carried on since WWD 2013. To welcome World Wood Day 2023, the workshop of Woodworking With Children was organized on March 18 in Wucheng district of Jinhua.

The activity was co-organized by Wucheng District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, International Wood Culture Society and Wucheng District Protection Center of Culture Heritage, Zhejiang province.

Mr. Liao Jiangluo, who joined WWD 2018 in Cambodia and Whenzhou Special Education School event in 2019, is the instructor of the activity. He taught the children and parents how to assemble a small stool and how to polish them. At the same time, Mr. Su Jinyong provided guidance on chopstick-making to those who are interested. The kids are encouraged to work with their own hands. Through the involving activity, they got their first experience of hands-on learning, and enjoyed bringing home what they made at the workshop.

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