Woodturning Demonstration

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Masters Mr. Guo Qingxun, Mr. Li Zhanghe, Mr. Li Xuemin and Mr. Li Xianqi performed their unique techniques on traditional big and small lathes. While turning, they patiently explained the key points of the skills to the students and taught them how to operate. They also brought some of their works to school. The turning objects like wooden whist...

Wood Class

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At the wood class, the teachers and students watched the highlight video of the previous World Wood Day events. Mr. Li Xuemin, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Shawo Woodturning Skill, introduced the historical origin and cultural value of traditional woodturning skills, and shared his own experience and feelings of participa...

Tree Planting

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Tree planting on the school campus makes the activity more meaningful. The school principal, teachers and students of Maoyanbao Center School together with all traditional woodturning masters planted trees on the school campus.