The international woodcarving show will present the artistic works of 120 talented participants from 70 different countries and regions. They will be joined by Americans artists to share ideas on this year’s theme “Roots”.

Most of our participants are going to work in a small group to demonstrate relief woodcarving. The audience can expect to see the affiliation of various woodcarving styles being made on a single wood slab. Through collaboration, we encourage the artistic development of the participating artists. The ultimate goal of the program is to rediscover how passion is shared beyond boundaries.

While each of them has their own unique characteristics, a different approach might just spark creativity!  

Open Session
Time: 2pm-4pm, March 23th
Venue: Seaside Meeting Room S7, LBCC


Participants (In the alphabetical order of the country and region represented)


The mystical and unique characteristics of wood, a natural and live material, are what amaze Eduart Gjopalaj from the very start. Many times the grain patterns of the wood itself are what guide and inspire him to bring his creative ideas to life. Eduart’s art work is influenced by different styles including modern, abstract and even religious themes.


Maksim Paparizo finished the art high school in 1986. He has worked as a woodcarver in Gjirokaster, Albania. He took part in local and national galleries in Albania and Greece. From 1993 until today, he works as a woodcarver on church, traditional and classic woodworks in Greece.

Khalil Almadhoon

Khalil Almadhoon is graduated from Helwan University in Egypt with bachelor in art education in 2010. He is currently doing the master at the same university. He opens two personal art galleries at Bahrain and participates in different art fields. He participated in Muscat/Oman symposium for young sculptors in 2015, and sahar camping symposium for sculptures Oman 2016.

Gilson Firmino PEREIRA

Gilson Firmino Pereira is 38 years old. He has 23 years of woodcarving experience. He is married and has 3 children. He is a native of Ibimirim Pernambuco and currently living in Taboão da serra São Paulo.


Kalina Pavlova’s art is founded on the principles of harmony with its environment and the surrounding architecture. Sometimes architecture and design are her guides in combining parts, at other times this happens more emotionally. She serves aesthetics with faith to detail, which she hopes the viewer will feel for herself.

Yacouba BONDE

Yacouba Bonde has learned sculpting and carving with his childhood friends since 1980. He travelled with the Mask group of Boni to Belgium in 2004. The same year, he attended the World Festival Culture in France and Switzerland in FIFO. He went to QUAI museum in France with the Mask group of Boni in 2006.

Roeurn RIM

Roeurn Rim is a teacher of sculpture at School of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He studied at Royal University of Fine Arts of Cambodia until 2005. He used to work with many projects of promoting of woodcarving in Cambodia and also with other foreign partners. On behalf of Cambodian woodcarver, he is trying his best to promote Cambodian woodcarving to international stage as much as he can.

Soklim HAY

Soklim Hay is now working as Deputy Chief of Bureau of Fine Arts, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia. He is also teacher of sculpture at School of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He joined WWD2016 in Nepal, and found it was very important event for him and other woodcarvers. Thus, he would like to join WWD2017 again to show Cambodian woodcarving art.


Received in 1981 a Scholarship from the Greenshield Foundation to paint at the Paris-American Academy. Received in 1984 a Grant from the Scandinavian Foundation to paint in Gotland, Sweeden. The Forsnal Museum acquired one painting. Exhibitions of works in over a dozen galleries, New-York, Ontario , Québec and British Columbia.

Mervyn CHILD

Mervyn Child lives and works in T'sakis (Fort Rupert, BC). He learned to carve from his family of well-known artists, notably Calvin Hunt, George Hunt Jr., and Tom Hunt. Mervyn was initiated as a Nunsistalis in the Hamatsa Society at the memorial potlatch for his grandfather the late chief Thomas Hunt. Mervyn is Kwaguł, Tlingit, Nuu Chah Nulth, and British.


Nolengar Tandodjim was born on March 19th 1955 in Ndjamena. He is a woodcarver. His primary, secondary and professional studies are all in Ndjamena.


Mauricio Pichuante Olguín is native of Lo Miranda, commune of Doñihue. He currently uses the technique of sculpture with chainsaw. Working on the wood in such a way as to bring out the best of the trunk, to give it the shape, thus shaping works of art.

Quan LOU

Lou Quan has been in the field of woodcarving for 25 years. Many of her works won awards in 2015.

Xiumin LIN

Chinese Woodcarving Art Master, Master of Arts and Crafts in Fujian Province, Senior Industrial Artist. Xiumin Lin has studied woodcarving since childhood and has been working in this field for several decades. She also receives many awards in her career.

Xueshan LIN

Master craftsman in the Asia- Pacific region, as well as Master of China Arts and Crafts. Xueshan Lin does well in root carving ,especially in Bodhidharma sculpture, and won the title of Bodhidharma Shan in China.


Engaged in woodcarving for 25 years, Yang Zhou was apprenticed to Mr. Gao Gongbo, the Master Craftsman in Asia- Pacific for woodcarving and dedicate to root carving until now. His works won national and provincial golden medals for many times.


Jules Joseph is from the Lovely Island of Dominica. He is a Chef, Wood Caver and a musician. He is very creative!


Juan Lobato Jiménez has won multiple prizes for his works, among them the 1st Prize of UNESCO of Latin and the Caribbean Arts, 1st Prize Puro Art in several editions, recognition even in the book of Great Masters of the Ibero-American Popular Art, Fomento Cultural Banamex, Mexico and many others. He has participated in exhibitions and national and international events, in Havana festivals, international fairs of crafts FIART, etc.


Antri Pafiti is a self-instructed woodcarver, working on woodcarving for the last 20 years, with a collection of eighty objects. Mainly she is very sensitive in traditional images of Cyprus history, and the culture of her people. As she is an optimistic artist every carve is a guidance for her inspiration. Art-critics and journalists regularly presents and criticize her woodcarvings with excellent comments.


Solo exhibitions in major cities of Prague, Bratislava, Ostrava, Milano. Main prize at Czech art festival in 2007 for creativity and idea and 1st place in 2010 in the category "Wood". Audience Award at the 2014 Symposium of Sculpture. Jiri Vyvial enjoys it, fills, it gives the opportunity for self-fulfillment and love creating beauty, harmony and evoke emotions.


Henrik Sigensgaard’s interest in woodcarving started at 13. He is using traditional Scandinavian methods but has spent many years refining the methods and developing his own techniques. He has been making sculptures for churches, monasteries and movie companies. He has a carving workshop in a hut in the forest.


Studying from master Jose Teran, Jorge Luis Villalba Teran received his first prize at 17. Over the years his workspace has become the largest and most solid workshop in San Antonio de Ibarra. His most important works are in Spain. He has also done major work for Ecuador and other countries as Chile, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia, etc.

Elamir Mohamed YONES

Elamir Mohamed Yones is working as a Arts specialist teacher in woodcraft for 17 years. Wood is a way to express his feeling towards local and global events and any problems anywhere in world.

Armando Abel MEGA BOSAPA

Armando Bosapa obtained a degree in Technical and Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Spain. He volunteered the rehabilitation of architectural and sculptural at two Cathedrals of Salamanca. Participated in numerous art related exhibitions, competitions, courses and seminars, he made his first exhibition in Malabo and later transferred to Oyala. He also makes sculptures for the decoration of Presidential Oyala hotel.

Ormar TAMM

In 1995, Ormar Tamm discovered the art of wooden sculpture for himself and the mystery of wood becomes his main obsession up until now. Every sculpture he produces is truly unique and can never be reproduced or copied as the final design is always dependent on what he finds as the piece is worked. To him, working with wood is the dialog with it.


From an early stage Jógvan Biskopsø has had an interest for craftsmanship and art. When he was 17, he began as a carpenter apprentice and then later he became a boat builder. After studying for five years at the Danish Design School, he became a product designer. Later, he went to the Chinese National Academy of Art to study Chinese painting.

Risto Eljas IMMONEN

Risto Immonen has worked in art and craft school and University of Lapland. He has had his own workshop/ studio for about 35 years. He works with wood, metal, stone, and environment art. He has taken part in many international exhibitions and symposium around the world, including China, Japan, Russia and Europe.


After studying art in France at university, Guilhem Bouissou started travelling around the world and found himself settled in China. He discovered the amazing cultural heritage of traditional Chinese woodcarving. Since then he studied with the master woodcarver Lu Tingfeng in Dongyang, China.


Hartmut Rademann has been working for 5 years in the Studio of professor Brockhage and received the title of a master craftsman. He is self-employed and has his own shop and a small gallery. He took part in many symposia in Germany and abroad, e.g. in Malaysia, Korea, Czech Republic and China (WWD).He is a member of group of artists called exponaRt.

Oswald Royston HUSSEIN

Oswald Hussein has become one of the leading members of that group of Amerindian artist from whom has sprung a flourishing of the art forms of painting, designs and particularly sculpture. He won the Prize for Sculpture at the National Visual Arts Exhibition in 1989 and 1993, and the First Prize for Sculpture at the Brewmaster Art Competition in 1996.


MM Sutarya has engaged in woodcarving field for more than 30 years. After graduated from Indonesia craft industry high school, he got award as the best works of art carved in race works regional level. He graduated from Indonesia and arts institute in 1991 and started his career in a furniture carving company. His main field of craft is furniture carving.

Veronica Mary SEXTON

Veronica Sexton won the coveted William Prize for Outstanding Work and was part of a selected group of artisans chosen to work on the five year restoration of Windsor Castle which had been severely damaged by fire. Since then she has worked on a number of commissions in Ireland, England, USA, Malaysia and Australia.


Erich Trocker carefully observes the subjects in his environment and develops his techniques. He attempts to give life to things as he sees them...animals, people in different situations... characters. These are the subjects of his concern. His work evolves slowly as he strives for individuality in every piece. He has successfully participated in expositions, symposiums and competitions in Italy and abroad.

Errol Henry LEWIS

Errol Lewis was graduated from the Edna Mauley School of the Visual and Performing Arts with a distinction in sculpture and a credit in art education. Over the years, he is recognized as one of Jamaica's most important and prolific artist, through many exhibitions and private collections. He is now actively engaged in expanding the quality, range and availability of Jamaican fine art and decorative craft locally and internationally.

Masamichi NITANI

Japanese wood sculptor from Hidaka, Hokkaido. Masamichi Nitani studied wood carving from old masters during his youth. He carves trays, vases, and pure visual objects as well as traditional Ainu carvings such as the Ainu Bear.

Lamees Aref Hafiz ASHWA

Lamees Aref Hafiz Ashwa loves painting and most of the art. Sculpture is her most favorable art.

Alexey Borisovich BYKOV

Alexey Bykov took classes on sculpture and human anatomy from the prominent Soviet sculptor Juravlev Nikolay Stepanovich at university. Influenced by the classic school and folk art, he manages to develop his style where classic shapes melt into exaggerated forms achieving a natural harmoniously accomplished look. He has joined local and international exhibitions since 1997. His work can be found in private art collections in the US, Europe, and Middle Asia.

Abdulali S M ALJERI

Kuwait exhibition for craftsmen 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016. Many workshops in Kuwait.

Fahad Faleh ALHAJERI

Member of kuwait art association - union of arab arts - the international association of art-paris -association of handicrafts. Exhibitions, symposiums and workshops in Kuwait and Nepal from 1998 to 2016.

Viktors KOZERS

Viktors Kozers started his professional career in a major workshop in Riga, in 1999. He started out as a woodcarver's assistant for several locally known and highly reputable masters. While he learned and mastered different woodcarving techniques there, he specialized in early baroque style ornamental carvings.


Naaman El Rifai loves wood engraving since childhood. It is his passion and hobby. Also he has participated in many competitions around the Middle East. Art is the life of the soul, art makes love between people. He hopes his art will bring love and hope to all.


Algimantas Sakalauskas has participated in 22 international and 12 republican Sculpture Symposiums in Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and Japan. Throughout the years he has created approximately 800 pieces of large monuments and monumental sculptures. Those works are scattered in over 12 countries.


Manuel Cruz Prudencio began wood carving at 7 years old and learned it from his father. At 18, He developed his own sculpture type, doing more complex works in a self-taught way and trying to improve himself over the years. He also obtained state and national prizes of woodcarving.

Maria Francisca MORENO

Maria Francisca Moreno learnt from her father about how to make forms in wood. She taught herself how to work with other materials, like shell and coral. Her husband also makes wooden art, but he died young and she raised their eight children by making and selling her artwork.


Miguel Estrella started carving ironwood in 1970 when it was a new art form and was much in demand in the United States. He worked as a fisherman also, so he worked on carving in the evenings or when the weather was too bad to fish. When the art market slowed down, he continued to carve occasionally. Recently, he has returned to more serious carving again because the work connects him with his history.

Enkhtaivan OCHIRBAT

Enkhtaivan Ochirbat was born in 1977, in Ulaanbaatar. He started studying in fine arts since 1993 attending College of Fine Arts. In 2009 he finished his master of fine arts at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. Alongside being an artist he is a lecturer at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture.

Mhammed EL AADI

Self-taught sculptor, Mohamed El Aadi shapes a universe of its own working clay, stone and especially wood, his favorite material. In his hands, the bad and rough ground is transformed into a new form of all poetic flexibility that manages to be the strongest human emotions with clean lines that go to the essential no room no superfluous. Since 1988, imposing sculptures have found their place in our urban environment in Morocco, Dubai, France, etc.


Iwi Le Comte is a Māori artist. He is strongly influenced by the legacy of craftsmanship left by his ancestors. He feels it is up to him to uphold and preserve his cultural values in traditional and contemporary Māori design. His biggest inspiration comes from his father who was also a wood carver & hunter gatherer.


Rune Hjelen is a woodcarver and a teacher. He works mainly with reliefs, sculptures and ornamental work. Most of his objects are contemporary work, with a clear link to tradition. The conceptual importance of the object is though the main priority. He often combines the techniques of woodturning and woodcarving.

Jihad Abdallah Said AL MAMARI

Jihad Abdallah Said Al Mamari worked as a woodcarver for long time and his hobby is woodcarving. He did more than hundreds of crafts. He has worked as a teacher from 1998 - 2003 and supervisor of Fine Arts in the governorate of Buraimi from 2003 – 2014.

Khalil Salim Abdullah AL KALBANI

General Director of Ministry of Education in Oman, The unity of the supervision of the Fine Arts, The director of the Platform for Art Education, mentors and members of the training team of 18 years of experience.

Issam Abdel Aziz SABBAH

Artist, architect and teacher of Art in Jerusalem. Issam Sabbah participated in most local exhibitions in Palestine and participated in international exhibitions in France, Britain and Nepal.


Víctor Guadalupe Tineo's father is an Afro-descendant and his mother is from the Peruvian Andes. Woodcarving is his family tradition. In his private workshop he does all kinds of wood work. He recently completed one of the most important works in his artistic career: restoring the 4 galleries (coffered ceiling) of the Catacombs Museum of the Convent of San Francisco de Lima.

Ricardo San Rafael Bagabaldo

Ricardo San Rafael Bagabaldo has been carving since he was 21 years old. He comes from a family of woodcarvers originating from the woodcarving capital of the Philippines, Paete, in the province of Laguna. He has carved mostly religious statues used for church altars and other religious objects. He finds great satisfaction in making these statues.

Fank Arrone NTALUMA

Frank Arroni Ntaluma began his work of communicating his word through wood in 1990. In 1992 he taught a large number of Mozambicans and foreigners in Maputo. He arrived Portugal in 2002 and developed an interchange of artistic sensibilities there. In 2003, he took on the challenge of the school of sculpture of A.L.D.C.I. – Portugal. His work is represented in private collections in the four corners of the world.


Leonel Gonzalez Sanchez was born in Puerto Rico. He fell in love with art since the age of 17. He started to carve the birds and animals because he is passionate with nature.


Petr Nosikov has felt the calling in art since childhood when he embodied the imagination in the drawing and molding from plasticine. He studied professional art school of woodcarving where he began to master and conquer new peaks of art, such as drawing, composition, molding. Woodcarving became his creativity and profession.

Ali Homood A AL JASER

Ali Homood A Al Jaser is a wood sculptor. He graduated from art section of University. He participated in many international events in woodcarving. He got many certificates from these events.

Essam Yousif M JAMEEL

Essam Yousif M Jameel actively participated in exhibitions and forums. For instance, Art Exhibition in Bahrain in 2004, Fine Arts Exhibition at the Ministry of Higher Education, 2011, the first international Sculpture Symposium Aldawadmi – S.A in 2012, International Forum Casbah in Ouarzazate, Morocco in 2016. He also appeared in World Wood Day in Nepal 2016.

Elhadji DIOUM

Elhadji Dioum learned carving from his father, who was a great sculptor. He was sculpting and studying at the same time at 10, but decided to dedicate himself to sculpture that he liked the most. In 2001 he opened a gallery at Cape Skirring. In the last 3 years he travelled in France for fairs and exhibition and his ambition is to know other horizon to increase his experience and make himself known all over the world.


Oumar Dioum is 26 years old and he started to learn carving very early in the artisanal village of Ziguinchor. He continued to learn woodcarving with one of his brothers. He opened an art gallery where he shows all his sculptures and exhibitions in the country at Cape Skirring.

Matamela Meshark Raphalalani

Matamela Meshark Raphalalani was born in 1947 at Tshakhuma Venda, South Africa. Started Art at an early age, his work reflects his culture both past and present. He uses human figures to express his feelings. He attended World Wood Day in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016.

Nansook JOO

Nansook Joo started woodcarving 12 years ago and carving mostly 3D pieces and wood reliefs. Woodcarving is literally joy of her life; relax, take a piece of wood and a knife, and create something with her own hands is a rare and special pleasure. She is also currently vice president of the Korea Wood Carving Art Association.

Manuel Oliva LEÓN

Manuel Oliva León was born in 1987 in a working family but without any artistic vocation. Since he was little he decided to learn woodcarving. He entered the University of History of Art. Soon after, he managed to get into a workshop in Seville. In 2009, he became independent and started his workshop successfully and until now.

Mohamed Abbakar HISSAN ISMAIEL

Mohamed Abbakar Hissan Ismaiel has participated in solo exhibitions in France Cultural Center, Khartoum, Sudan in 1997 and 2003; Twin exhibition in France Cultural Center, Khartoum, Sudan, 2010; Group exhibition in Vienna, Austria in 2014; Twin exhibition in Bispegarden, Sweden in 2015; Group exhibition at World Wood Day in Nepal in 2016.

Lot Vusie Mdluli

Lot Vusie Mdluli attended tertiary at National Handcraft Training Centre where he obtain his certificates in Wood and Stone Caving, Fine art, Sewing, Toy making and business studies. He then worked with Swazi Stone Cutters for 6 months in 1982 then joined the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Trade as Handicraft.


Tom Nilsson mainly carves animals in their natural size, but carving birds is what he loves doing best. Many of his animals and birds are exposed in nature exhibitions all around Sweden. He also carves figures as Santa Claus.

Martin BILL

Martin Bill goes with the flow. Flowing water, blowing winds, foaming waves, folded paper, flying flags, polished stone, buildings as high as the sky, a person straightening up. As a sculptor and human being Martin Bill seeks harmony and goes with his own and his sculptures' flow. His works mainly with two representational forms: steles and wall-mounted wooden sculptures.

Kuan-Hsun CHEN

Kuan-Hsun Chen is currently Associate Professor of HungKuang University in Taichung, Taiwan. He completed his Ph.D.program in Design at Chung Yuan Christian University in TAIWAN. He participated in many solo exhibitions in Taiwan. He likes to combine clay and wood carvings to create sculptures.

Ming-Wang SHEN

Ming-Wang Shen is a professional technical teacher of National Taiwan University of Arts and National University of Kaohsiung. Inspired by traditional art, he hoped to create with the style of harmonics and metaphors, and use symbols to convey spiritual meanings. The carving techniques he uses are relief, openwork carving, and circular carving.

Oleksandr KONIAIEV

Oleksandr Koniaiev graduated from the Bogorodskaya school of artistic carving on wood with honors. When he serviced in the Soviet Navy for over 20 years, he continued to be engaged in woodcarving and received the title of National Master of Ukraine in 1978. He participated in various levels of exhibitions and taught woodcarving for more than 35 years. He has made more than 3000 pieces in his career.

Sultan Saeed Ali Amer ALZAIDI

Sultan Al-Zaidi has 15+ years senior level experience in Environment protection. Talented in photography for over 15 years, he has received local and international awards, in additional has started wood carving art as beginner. He has many participated in different arts exhibitions in the UAE.

William Robert PRICKETT

Always fascinated with animals, William Robert Prickett started a career with marine mammals at 17. He travelled all over the world and participated in several expeditions. He carved a few pieces during his spare time, but in 1999 he decided to start carving full time. He teaches wood carving and sculpts from his studio. He is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and has won several international awards for his sculpture.

Andrew Hiroshima

Andrew Hiroshima was employed with PG&E for 30 years in San Francisco and Sacramento, CA. He learned to carve with Capitol Woodcarvers in Sacramento, CA when he retired in 2005. Emphasis on his carving has been in Caricature Carving and realism.


Durwood Thrasher and his wife took their first carving class from Ken Rucker in Pasadena, California in 1969. Since then, woodcarving became a lifelong hobby for both of them. His carvings have competed successfully in several California Carvers Guild shows and county fairs. He enjoys many different carving styles, including realistic humans and animals, caricature, and relief carving.

Gary M Hensley

Gary Hensley has had a passion for wood working all his life and spend most of his time in the work shop. He made a living as a Fire Sprinkler Designer until his vision failed and now he is legally blind which means it takes him longer to do a project than it used to but he still gets it done! He joined Channel Islands Carvers in 2009 and added a new arena for his wood working which has brought new joy to his woodworking!

Joe Peery

Joe Peery is a retired fire captain who has been carving for 15 years. He lives in northern California and is currently the President of the California Carvers Guild in his second term. He is a member of the RV Cavers and Motherlode Carvers clubs. His favorite things to carve are caricatures using basswood and cypress knees, and a variety of things in cottonwood bark.

John Edward Smith

John Smith from the Skokimish Tribe works with Red Cedar and Yellow cedar in many forms. He continues working with members of his community as well as intertribal to pass on traditional knowledge of his ancestors.

Linda Conn

Linda Conn discovered carving when she retired from a second career as a public school teacher. She started carving on hard-shelled gourds to begin with. Eventually, she discovered wood carving as it was a perfect cross-over from gourd carving. She tried different styles of carving and has a preference for caricature carving. She takes as many classes as she possibly can and has been working to perfect her skill.

Lola Nelson

Lola Nelson's fascination with wood started in 1986. She was raised on a family farm in the mountains. In 1991 she entered her first wood carving show and took 2nd place. This was just the beginning of winning many top awards in local fairs and carving shows throughout California. Horses and a variety of North American wildlife, cowboys, mountain men and Indians are her favorite subjects.

Lynn Nicholson

Lynn Nicholson started carving seriously in 1978 when he took an adult education class. After attending a couple of woodcarving shows he joined the Pomona Valley Carvers for their Tuesday evening sessions, later joining the California Carvers Guild, the Craft T Carvers RV chapter, and the Glendora Woodcarvers. For him woodcarving is as much a social event as well as learning event.

Patty Kreider

Patty Kreider will be displaying some of her walking sticks at the World Wood Day. She has lived in California most of her life. She began carving about 10 years ago as a post-retirement hobby. She has no formal art education, but has always been playing with some sort of arts and crafts activity, currently focusing on wood carving and gourd art.

Peter Magoon

In 1970, Peter Magoon joined the Naval Reserve and in 1974 went active duty and completed after 22 years. He was a volunteer Boy Scout leader for 28 years and currently volunteers at the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, CA. He began wood carving in 2008 and is a member of the Channel Islands Carvers, The California Carving Guild and the National Woodcarvers Association.

Richard Nelson

Most of Richard Nelson's interest with wood started at his wife’s prompting after he retired. He does some bowls with relief carvings on them. He makes jewelry boxes with different exotic woods. Some have carved tops. A variety of woods are used to create nice pieces pf segmented bowls. Since he started seriously working with wood, he has entered more carving shows and has won several awards. Several of his works have been sold at galleries.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith started carving just a few years before retirement. He has been carving for 27 years, taken a numbers of classes and he has taught woodcarving in Seattle, Arizona and California as well as while he was traveling in an RV. He has written several articles for Chip Chats in the nineties under the title “Carving On The Road’. He has worked with cottonwood bark, in the round, chain saw and relief carving.

Sharon Terrel

Sharon Terrel is a 70+ years old woodcarver from northern CA. She is a pen turner, Native American Flute maker, and woodworker who has been playing with wood since 1994. She is the beginning woodcarving teacher for her club, the Sonoma County Woodcarvers. She has taught a few carving classes for the kids, students and their parents.

Theda Mobley

Woodcarving captured Theda Mobley's imagination and has been her artistic passion for about 15 years now. She carves a variety of subjects, both relief and in the round, although animals are most prominent in her body of work. She also prefer a more stylized approach. Her interest in Pyrography began as a way to texture and detail carvings. She has exhibited in both carving and pyrography at the Fairs in recent years.

TJ Young

TJ Young was born into the Yaadaas Eagle Clan of the Kaigani Haida and was given the Haida name Sgwaayaans. TJ cites his grandfather, Claude Morrison, as a major influence in his life, as he introduced him to Haida art and practices, instructing him on how to hand-carve halibut hooks. TJ creates many carvings and items for ceremonies and cultural purposes and considers it an honor to carry on the traditions of his ancestors.


Glauco Mirandetti Benitez received Recognition of Excellence of the World Craft Council for Handicrafts of the Southern Cone with the patronage of UNESCO. In 2012, he attended National Handicraft Competition. In 2011, he received Recognition Banamex Cultural Fostering as Master Artisan and participated in permanent exhibition. In 2001, his won Outstanding work and 1st. Prize of Crafts in the 1st National Contest of Furniture and Handicrafts in Eucalyptus Grandis.

Mirmakhsud Tursunovich MIRRAKHIMBAYEV

Began as as an engineer, Mirmaksud Mirrahimbaev became interested in woodcarving and read a lot of historical and current literature on this subject. His master teacher was Artik Fayzullaev. For 20 years, he has participated in many international competitions, exhibitions, fairs. And he won top places.


I graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 1997 in sculpture. I obtained my master degree in sculpture in Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2008. Now I am working as a teacher of Fine Arts at National University of Art Education. My interests are fine arts teaching, especially creating sculpture works and participating festival or events relating to arts.