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The wood culture tour is a distinct activity to collect precious records of wood use and culture of various ethnic groups and countries around the world from a cultural perspective, and to disseminate information and findings of insightful journeys through words, images, and videos.

The wood culture tour, incorporated into this year's WWD celebration in Tanzania, will focus on profound knowledge and cultural experience about the natural beauty of forests and various ethnic tribes. Activities being arranged include:

  1. A visit or trekking at the Mount Kilimanjaro to observe the tropical flora, natural plantation of various trees, tribal art and particular wood use. Event participants are invited to join this route of tour to enjoy and learn about nature and people from a cultural perspective.

  2. Cultural activities such as appreciation of the Makonde woodcarving at Mto wa Mbu tribes and the peoples' daily use of fire wood, explorations to the history and the folklore related to wooden objects, and visits to talented artists/woodworkers/groups associated with the art/wood industry.

International Wood Culture Society collaborates with local experts and organizations to arrange the overarching wood culture tour to present the history, tradition, and culture of Tanzania enriched by wood and nature. Any suggestions regarding wood culture tour in Tanzania are welcomed.

Wood Culture Tour Program

Date Sites Fees  Accommodation
Mar.22 (Fri)
  • Visit Dar Es Salaam Regional Vocational Training Center - Carpentry & Joinery Program.
  • Ebony Wood Carving Market in Dar es Salaam.
Invited participants are free of charge, for others, please contact our staff. TBC 
Mar.23 (Sat)
  • Day trip to Zanzibar Island by ferry to see Wooden-door and other historical site.
Mar.24 (Sun) Departure for those who do not join other self-funding trips.

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