[March 19th]
Pieter Baas Diversity in African Timbers
Barry Goodell The Future of Wood and Biofiber: How Wood as a Biomaterial Contributes to a Sustainable World
Historical utilization and cultural values (I)
Hans Beeckman Central African Sculptures: From the Most Common Forest Product to World Famous Material Culture.
Eric Appau Asante The Culture of Wood Carving at Aburi: An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Development of the Neo -traditional Wood Carving Center.
Elvas Mari Wood Sculpting in Zimbabwe: Traditional Perspective
Nayan Toukam
Les Valeurs Culturelles et Cultuelles du Bois dans les Chefferies Bamiléké: Exemple de Batoufam
Jingrong Yang Hongmu Art and "Go with the Wood"
Michael Grabner Historical Wood Utilization in Central Europe – Lost knowledge for the future?
Victoria Asensi African Art objects in French Museums. Some important trees in Sculpture in West Tropical Africa.
Historical utilization and cultural values (II)
Mario Tomazello-Filho Wood and forest culture in Brazil: Caesalpinia echinata, Brazilian wood, a connection with the history of the country
Misao Yokoyama Evaluation of the Aging of Wood
By using aged hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.) wood from Japanese historical buildings
Across Boundary
Sangeeta Gupta Woods in India: Historical Utilization and Future Sustainability
Hank Kashdan Wood Culture, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility – Imagining the Potential
[March 20th]
Andrew Wong Humanity Must Protect Forests, Trees and Nature
Elias Jengo The Cultural Significance of Wood: A Keynote Address to the Conference on Wood is Good, March 21, 2013
Lou Yi-Ping Bamboos products as the best substitute to wooden products in China
Vernard Lewis A Global Perspective on Their Biology, Ecology, Detection, and Management.
Owen Sseremba Adapting to Climate Change: Wood Carving as a Coping Strategy to Achieve Conservation and Sustainable Forestry in Uganda
Victor A. Adekunle Wood Species Diversity Assessment, Yield and Abundance of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem of Southwest Nigeria
Edmond C. Adjovi Recycling of Polystyrene and Sawdust for Plastic Wood Composite in Building Works and Others
Takao Itoh Introduction of Wood Culture in Japan-
from the aspect of traditional wood works
Wu Shengfu Opportunities and Challenges of Forest Products Trading between China and Africa
Int'l and Domestic Market
Fortunatus B.S. Makonda
Suzana Augustino
Sustainability of the African blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon Guill & Perr) in Tanzania
Emmanuel Appiah-Kubi The Contribution of Wood and Wood Industries to Sustainable Development in Ghana
Special Topics on Kilimanjaro
Dr. Margareth Molle The Role of National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (NPGRC) and National Herbarium of Tanzania in Plant Biodiversity Conservation
Dr. Bakari Kaoneka Pesticides in Wood Preservatives and Protection
Mr. Lourance Mapunda Invasive Plant Species on the Forest Community of Mount Kilimanjaro
Ms. Neduvoto Piniel Mollel Biodiversity and Land use System on Mount Kilimanjaro