­­­­­­­2013 World Wood Day Symposium, Tanzania

Second Call for Papers, Presentations and Proposals- Deadline Extension

Date: 19 - 20 March, 2013
Venue: KARIMJEE HALL, Dar es Salaam


Wood in Africa: Cultural Distribution, Historical Utilization, and Future Sustainability

2013 World Wood Day Symposium aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences concerning the wood research, strategy and practice, in the cultural, historical and social contexts and development. Focused topics are designed to raise awareness of current issues and to enhance multidisciplinary discussions for the crucial role of wood in a sustainable world.


  1. Eco-friendly biomaterial and sustainable development
  2. Biodiversity and cultural diversity
  3. Conservation and plantation
  4. Historical utilization and cultural values
  5. International and domestic market
  6. Across boundaries

The 2013 World Wood Day Symposium provides an effective and influential platform for international delegates representing global institutions and organizations of research, education and industry with the multidisciplinary background. Paper submissions on related topics are highly welcomed. The body and the title of abstracts are limited to 400 words in total. Due date for electronic submission of the speaker profile form Word/PDF is February 28th, by email to program coordinators (

Health Precaution
The yellow-fever vaccination is strongly recommended as a precaution. Other vaccinations that might be considered before you travel include typhoid, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, and tetanus.
Make sure to visit your doctor to get a prescription for the antimalarial drugs that best suit your health and condition. 
More information (2013 Tanzania Tourist Board)

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